About Us


Established in 2007, Parkers Car Parks Ltd are committed to delivering the highest standards of service. Our goal is not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations.

With sites ranging from shopping centres, leisure complexes and railway stations to offices, development sites and schools, Parkers Car Parks is a leading name in car parking facility management.

We treat every car park as a valuable asset and pride ourselves on our high quality, friendly, and secure service that boosts parking revenues and maximises profits.

Stringent controls on income, optimised site layout, dedicated staff, and strong local knowledge all help us to extract the best value from sites, often transforming previously underperforming car parks into once again profitable businesses.

We liaise closely with clients, businesses, and residents to ensure that our car parks are well-used, sensibly priced, and assets to the communities they serve.

We are committed to:

• Delivering consistent, exceptional service.
• Providing high operating standards.
• Provide employees with continual development.
• A long term approach to developing partnerships that work.