Hospital Car Park Management


Hospital Parking Enforcement

A pay & display system alone is semi-redundant if there is no parking control measures implemented to help encourage motorists to follow pay & display regulations.

The introduction of our specialist services can increase pay and display revenue by 30%.

The parking enforcement systems at Parkers Car Parks Ltd are designed to eliminate the on-going costs incurred with barrier systems.

The Parkers Car Parks ANPR enforcement technology removes the need for dated barrier systems and provides an effective and reliable method of parking enforcement.

Hospital Parking Charter

Parkers Car Parks Ltd has signed and fully supports the Hospital Parking Charter to help and encourage NHS Trusts to provide parking enforcement systems that are fair to all Parkers Car Parks parking enforcement operatives are specialised within civil parking enforcement and private.

Parkers Car Parks operatives are trained to the highest standards enabling them to operate effectively yet fairly. This ensures that patients, their families, and members of staff receive the kind of service they expect and avoid the negative headlines that have previously been associated with hospital parking enforcement.