Self Ticketing


Do you have problems with parked vehicles on your land, blocking your right of way so you have difficulty entering and exiting your property?

If you are a private or commercial land owner and need a fast, easy, non-confrontational parking enforcement solution, then our self ticketing Parking Charge Notice (PCN) system is ideal for you.

Advantages of our PCN system

Parking control through the issue of PCNs to vehicles parked without authority on private land does not require a licence from the SIA. The PCN self ticketing system is ethical, lawful, cost effective and an extremely efficient method of eliminating unauthoried parking on your land.

In addition to solving your parking control issues, for every paid parking ticket issued by you, you will receive £15 in compensation from the collected ticket payment.

Our convenient online facilities allow you to upload the details of newly issued tickets and check the status of existing tickets.

Step by Step Guide to Parkers Car Parks Self Ticketing

Our self ticketing system explained in five simple steps:

Step 1 - Register to become an agent

Simply click on the order link below and choose the package most suitable for you. All our packs contain warning signs, parking permits, and parking charge notices. Full support from our enforcement office and £15 compensation per paid ticket are included in all our packs.

Once your order has been placed we will send out your PCN pack along with a username and password for you to use on our online facilities. There you can upload the details of newly issued tickets and view the status of existing tickets.

Step 2 - Display warning signs in prominent positions

Display the warning signs included in your PCN pack prominently in the area where you will be issuing parking tickets.

We recommend you display signage at the entrance and then spaced out evenly within the parking area every 10 yards or so.

Step 3 - Issue permits to legitimate users of your land

Your PCN pack contains permits for you to issue to personnel authorised to park on your land to display in their cars.

Step 4 - Issue parking tickets to unauthorised vehicles

Fill out a parking charge notice and attach it to the unauthorised parked car using the waterproof sleeves provided.

We highly recommend you take a photograph of the unauthorised vehicle if possible to help resolve any disputes later.

Step 5 - Simply send us the 'blue' copy of the ticket in the post, or upload the details online.

It is very important that you either send the 'blue' copy of the PCN in the post or you may download the PCN information under your account details so we can process the parking charge and follow through with any necessary legal action.

Parking enforcement has never been easier.