Etihad Stadium Parking Spice Girls 31/05/19

Etihad Stadium Parking Spice Girls 31/05/19

Price: Car £15.00 | Minibus £25.00

Opening Time: 2pm | Closing Time: 2 hrs after the event ends.

Distance from venue: 0.5 Miles to the Etihad Stadium.

The car park is secure, gated and patrolled by trained staff at all times before, during and after the event. You will never be blocked in or double parked and you can leave at any time.

What happens after I pay?

Your booked parking voucher remains valid even if the event date is altered from the one originally listed on this website.

You will receive a confirmation email once booking/payment is received.
This will state your unique reference number.
Please print and present the voucher to the car park attendant on the day, alternatively you may show your voucher displayed on your mobile phone or smartphone.



Riverpark Road Car Park

Concrete Surface
No Height Restriction
0.5 Mile


2pm - 2 hrs after event


Venue    Venue

Car Park   Car Park

Car Park Address:
Riverpark Estate
Riverpark Road
M40 2XP

Entrace to the car park is via Briscoe Lane

Please note car park opens 2pm and closes 2 hours after the event ends



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